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Thanksgiving 2010

Cooked all day for Thanksgiving. Its at our house again this year. Earlier in the week I fixed chicken dressing, pecan pies, and sweet potato casserole. Today I fixed lemon icebox pie, deviled eggs, congeal salad, carrot slaw, and giblet gravy. I think that’s got it all!! My second daughter was here the second half of the day to help. She worked at her job the first half. She helped me cook, cleaned the house, and decorated the tables. What would I do without her?? I hope when she moves out someday, she comes back to help or maybe our boys will be inclined to do more then. They helped a little this time, but they are young and something their help is only helpful so long. ☺ Our oldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson came by for a visit today too, which is always nice. ☺ They’ll all be back tomorrow along with my Dad and my sister and her family. We’ll eat and laugh too much and then all be on our way to other events. For us it’s my husband’s family for the afternoon where we’ll eat again, laugh again, and then hope to never eat Thanksgiving food again. Of course, when we get home late that evening, we’ll dig into those leftovers for midnight snack. How BLESSED we are to have so much family to enjoy so much food to consume and such comfortable houses and cars to do it in. God has surely shown us mercies beyond measure and we are truly Thankful.


What kind of pilgrim am I?

I’ve been reading “Stories of the Pilgrims” by Margaret B Pumphrey and Lucy Fitch Perkins to my sons. Our homeschooling friends Laree Hart and Carlene Raspberry recommended it to us. It’s wonderful. It starts with the Pilgrim’s hardships in England trying to worship during the reign of King James. We follow the pilgrims to Holland and finally to America. We read a few chapters (they are short) each night as we go to bed leading up to Thanksgiving.
Today, while I’m cooking for Thanksgiving and the boys are eating lunch, we are watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. The boys start to notice the similarities between the two stories like Captain Standish, the long voyage across the Atlantic, and of course the Indians – especially Squanto! As I cooked and listened, it struck me that only 20 adults and 30 children survived from the 102 people that arrived. As they watched one after another die – friends, spouses, parents, children – and it got down to just 20 adults, what must have gone through their minds as they looked out and no one – no one – else was around anywhere. Would you be the next to die or would you be left completely alone – the sole survivor – in this new wilderness?
I’ve suffered heartache, some that don’t heal. I’ve suffered hard times, some I thought would never improve. But I’ve never faced that kind of hardship. What kind of pilgrim would I have been? With those folks in mind and the difficulties I deal with this day, I believe I have more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving than I can possibly even recognize myself.
Praising God for ALL my many blessings and prosperity. Thankful for my family, friends, home and country, but mostly thankful my redeemer lives!!


June 1st

The first of June has come again
For most another day
But you went home six years ago
And here I still stay

My sweet Mama
The most wonderful Mother ever!

I long for you to talk to
To tell me all is well
You never tire of listening
To all the tales that I tell

Heartbreak I know I brought you
Though you’d never let me know
Shortcomings I have a plenty
But you’d say they never show

Many difficulties you faced
And overcame them all
You finished well faithful servant
And responded to His call

While you enjoy sweet Heaven
All of paradise without a care
I pray I teach your grandchildren
The path that leads them there

For Christ alone can soothe this pain
That rears it ugly head
The time is short. The war is won.
The Lord Christ Jesus said.

I’m so thankful that you taught me
And so I’ll see you there
Someday when our work is done
I’ll have years of stories to share

I know you’ll listen lovingly
And show me your heavenly gardens
While we wait I’ll teach what you taught me
To my blessed little darlings