You Should Let Her Die

A Tale of Two Mothers

 When our daughter was born at 28 weeks gestation in 1985, she weighed only 2 lbs and 8 ounces.  She lost down to 1 lb and 8 ounces after being born 12 weeks early.  The doctors gave her a 30% chance of living. They gave her 100% chance of being blind due to the oxygen in the incubator, cerebral palsy due to undeveloped lungs, and several heart surgeries in her future – if she had a future. Lots of people told us “You should let her die. What kind of life will that be? She’s going to die young, it might as well be now before she suffers.” They were educated and seemed to know what they were talking about. I was young and had no idea what we were in for. I did have one sweet doctor who encouraged me, and a still quite voice that said “trust me.”

She stayed in the hospital eight weeks, came home at 4 lbs and 8 ounces. She was a tiny little spitfire! She never did have any heart surgeries, never developed cerebral palsy, and no eye problems, well, she is near sighted – like me.

Here’s a photo of our daughter and her son. How thankful I am that Christ held me up, made me strong, and we ignored the educated advice.  Happy Mother’s Day to our sweet daughter who’s now the most amazing mother!

When my mother was 63 years old, she suffered what they call sudden death or cardiac arrest.  Her heart just stopped beating in her sleep at 2 in the morning. Paramedics were able to get her back, but not before her brain was severely injured. She didn’t wake up for weeks. The experts told us “You should let her die. What kind of life will she have?” She finally woke up. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t even swallow. Her memory was missing the most recent 20 years. She couldn’t walk or use her hands well.  The doctors gave up on her and we brought her home.

She could, however, smile the biggest and most warming smile and a still quite voice said, “trust me.” My dad worked tirelessly with her and soon she was talking with us, crying with us, and laughing with us.  We enjoyed ice cream, reading, talking, two more Christmas mornings, and just being together. She lived 22 months before the Lord took her home. Those months were such a sweet gift.  On the last Mother’s Day before she died June 4th, she and I sat on her deck together and planted container plants.                     I planted and she sat in her wheel chair and talked and laughed with me.

Here’s a photo of my beautiful mother. I am so thankful the Lord gave us those 22 months to let her know how much we love and appreciate all she is in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

This Mother’s Day I am acutely aware that my savior, Jesus Christ, gave me both of these sweet mothers in my life.  They both have impacted me beyond words and I’m glad I listened to His quite voice instead of the experts.