Hard Choices. Hopeful Returns.

Just now getting back to my blog and realized I haven’t updated since we moved last OCTOBER! Working on the consistency thing. ☺ So…we’ve moved closer to our church, work, and activities. This also allowed my widowed father to downsize to a garden home. My sister bought his house, we bought her house (which are across the road from each other), and he moved down the road to home he can manage better. Its working out great for all of us. We really miss the 5 acres we lived on for 10 years.

View From the Heart

That was our pasture. But, boy, is it nice to get to and from everything we run to in 5 to 10 minutes instead of 45 to 60. Makes getting to church at night so much easier. Now Daniel can make choir on Sunday nights, dinner & Pioneer club on Wednesday night, and all those Cub Scout meetings through out the week. Not to mention I’m close enough now to actually shop at the Whole Food Market!! YAY! We are much, much more regular at Church and more involved in the activities of life. It was a hard move and hard decision. But I think the sacrifice is definitely worth it. Before we were almost sequestered from society. We don’t want to be of the world, but we do want to be in it. We can’t impact the world if we are shut off from it. And while life out there was nice and had its practical purposes too for a time, it was beginning to cut off the impact we could have on the world. It was beginning to be all about us and not about anyone else. Now people can stop by (and do) much more often, and we can get out and see others too. We are so thankful for the great times and friendships we held there. Now, I’m very excited to see how God plans to use us here.