Healthy homecooked meals when I'm not here to do it.

How do I have great meals today and tomorrow when I won’t be at home most of the day. If I didn’t plan ahead, it would be time for boxed meals or meals from a window. However, yesterday I made homemade beef tomato sauce, roasted two chickens, and made two loaves of whole grain bread. How does that help? Last night we ate all of one chicken and part of the other with broccoli. Today when I get back from my errands all I have to do is cook some noodles and heat up the beef tomato sauce and supper is done. Throw in some salad and its extra nice. Tomorrow I’ll take the left over chicken and have chicken soup made from broth I made homemade weeks ago and froze. Did I mention the beef and chicken are organic and free range – that’s an extra advantage. Now that is fast food I can live with! 🙂


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